Surya Maarten Adriaenssens

Sound Healer / Musician /

Yogi / Space-Holder

Surya dreamed Akasha to life. His longtime devotion to spirit has opened in him a strong channel to bridge the spiritual and material world.



Victor G. Cruz

Yogi / Musician /

Ayurvedic therapist

It's rare to encounter people so devoted to the spiritual path as Sakshin. His devotion is directed equally towards the yoga of sound as towards the yoga of daily living.


Paulina Gostomski

Yogini / Sweetheart

Descended straight from heaven Paulina came here to share the knowledge and experience that she gathered during long periods of silence, study and daily practice.

Sophie bewerkt.jpg

Sophie Snoeckx

Yogini of the Heart 

Being next to Sophie is enough to start feeling more happy and joyful. She doesn't only know the yogic teachings, she is radiating it.


Morgan Roosario

Yogi / Gratitude Influencer /

Cacao Lover

Morgan is vibrating pure joy. He shows us how gratitude truly is a magnet for a wonderful life. He gives his all from this egoless state and that love is heartfelt by anyone retreating here. 

40-v portretti alkuperäinen kopio.jpg


House Angel / Kitchen Mama / Singer / Artist

Tuula does it all. From kombucha and sourdough bread creations to heavenly singing and astonishing artwork. Full of energy by this endless creativity, she brings magic to every dimension of Akasha. Wherever she is, she brings in the vibration of the heart.

Floris and Paulina (Low Res)-95.jpg

Floris Adriaenssens

Yogi / Cook /


Floris is a very passionate Yogi, literally ‘breathing’ the path of yoga, in every step of his daily life. He is open-heartedly sharing it, for the benefit of all beings.


Ilse Raps

Yogini / Photographer / Designer / Sunshine 

“The sidewalks are littered with postcards of God.” writes Walt Whitman.  Ilse has a gifted eye to spot a lot of these postcards. She captures the beauty she sees in people and nature with her camera. 



Zen Master

Sharing her mindful being, relaxed, yet deeply focussed, Tosha is offering her teachings moment by moment. We are blessed to live together with this great master.