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Sound Healing Module 2

A Study and Healing Journey of Sound and Creation

Theme: Creation

Goal: Sound Healing Advanced Practitioner

Module 2 is an experiencial study of sound in depth. The backbone of this module consists of the 7 main aspects of sound. Each of the following sound aspects will be integrated on the level of knowledge as well as experience;

  • Intention

  • Frequency

  • Intervals

  • Overtones

  • Rhythm

  • Melody

  • Flow

Within all of those aspects you are offered an opportunity to grow in technical aspects of voice, rhythm (shaman drum) and singing bowls. The more we master the technical skills, the more effective these instruments can serve the healing process.

As the main focus of module 1 is transformation of blockage and shadow, the main focus of module 2 is manifesting wishes and dreams. The transformative sound work from module 1 will be deepened and refined, creating a space for something new to grow. What are your gifts and talents? What are your wishes and dreams? How can you nurture, empower and manifest them through sound?

Next to the 7 aspects, covered subjects are:

  • Natural voice cultivation

  • Intuitive singing

  • Connection with spirits

  • Mantra

  • Singing bowls

  • Manifesting dreams

It is necessary to have completed Module 1 before starting Module 2.

Teachers: Surya Maarten & Victor Sakshin

Practical information

  • Dates: 16th to 18th of February / 16th to 17th of March / 19th to 21st of April 2024

  • The first weekend starts on Friday 19h30. The second weekend on Saturday 10h. The third weekend on Friday 10h. All weekends end on Sunday between 17h and 18h.

  • Including all teachings, extensive written course, personal advice and feedback, certificate, all vegetarian organic meals and old monastic accommodation

  • Price: €1200 (with own tent or camper €150 discount / private room without own bathroom €280 extra / private room with own bathroom €390 extra)

  • Maximum 14 participants

  • Subscribe through the form on the left

  • Further information and communication is going though email

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