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- A Study and Healing Journey of Sound and the Human Being -


What is sound healing?


Sound healing or sound therapy is the use of sound to create harmony within and around ourselves. This holistic healing method is a union of the newest Western science with the oldest – often shamanic – wisdom and techniques.


The whole universe is vibration and contains trillions of different unique vibrations. Also our own body has a specific vibration. Unfortunately our own symphony isn't always that harmonious. Derived from traumas in the past, we carry with us different blockages which causes all kind of trouble in our lives.


Working with sound is a way of intuitively feeling which vibrations are needed to return to a healthy, harmonious state – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sound healing works on all these interrelated aspects within and without ourselves. Sound with intention enables us to release blockages and gives new insight in that what blocks us from being totally happy.

Why this training?

In this training there is a strong focus on inner work in the first two modules. This is done through individual and group work. Before offering healing to others we believe it is important to learn to apply the sound healing techniques on oneself first. Through self healing and self insight one can become competent to offer healing sessions to the other. Module 3 is all about supporting others and offering sound healing sessions.

'Those who know the universe within, know the universe without.'

3 modules

The Sound Healing Training contains 3 modules and in each of them there will be focussed on one specific theme. Each module contains 3 weekends with integration time in between in order to apply the practices in daily life. The modules can be done separately, after having completed the previous module. In short, these are the themes of every module:

Module 1

Theme: Transformation (of blockage and shadow)

Goal: Sound Healing Practitioner

Contains: 14 days spread over 4 long weekends

Module 2

Theme: Creation (of dreams and wishes)

Goal: Sound Healing Advanced Practitioner

Contains: 8 days spread over 3 weekends

Module 3

Theme: Giving (and offering healing to Others)

Goal: Sound Healer

Contains: 9 days spread over 3 long weekends

In between every single weekend there is necessary integration time with given home work. The study and practice continues at home.


After module 2 there is a practical and theoretical examination necessary to succeed for before starting module 3.


During the weekends all participants are staying overnight. This creates on the one hand a full immersion into the sound healing work and the monastic, healing atmosphere of Akasha itself. On the other hand it tends to create more easily a connection with one another. Community is created. The spirit of community is a fertile soil for co-creations as well as friendships. Also it supports the process of integration of the healing work in the daily life.

For who?


- Holistic therapists, healers or practitioners

- Yoga teachers

- Practitioners of shamanism

- Musicians



No previous experience is necessary. Although the course can be an enrichment for work as therapist, yoga teacher, musicians etc.


Who's teaching?


Module 1: Surya Maarten

Module 2: Surya Maarten & Victor Sakshin

Module 3: Surya Maarten

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  • Dates: Module 1 starting in spring 2023 / Module 2 starting in atumn 2023 / Module 3 starting in 2024

  • All modules are offered every year and it is possible to join in at a later time in case you prefer to have more integration time between 2 modules. It is also possible to complete only module 1, or only module 1 and 2.

  • Included: all teachings, 3 extensive written courses (1 per module), homework with audio files for integration and home practice, personal advice and feedback, initiation, certificate, all vegetarian organic meals and old monastic accommodation (22 nights stay in total)

  • Prices for the total training (if booked at once):

    • Camping: €4300

    • Shared room: €4900

    • Inspiration Room (private): €6400

    • Cocoon room (private): €7000

           (In case you would subscribe for every module seperately you would pay €500 more.)

Practical Information

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