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Foot Reflexology

Depending on your needs and wishes, Karin can give a more relaxing footmassage or one that goes deeper.

A relaxing foot massage brings the whole body into a state of deep rest, allowing healing to take place on a physical, emotional and mental level. 

By working deeper on certain points, the organs or body parts linked to those points will get an extra trigger to heal.


  • deep relaxation

  • stress reduction

  • improvement of blood circulation, flow of the lymph, bowel movement, drainage of toxines, sleep

  • restoration of homeostasis

Foot Reflexology sessions are offered by Karin Huybrechts. 


Practical information

  • Price:

    • €60 for 1 hour​

  • If you like to make an appointment, please fill in the form on the left

  • Tea or water is provided

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