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Sakshin Victor G. Cruz

Yogi / Musician / Ayurvedic therapist

Sakshin was born in the Canary Islands (Spain). He studied a degree and a master in Philosophy at Universities Complutense (Madrid) and Vincennes-Saint Denis (Paris). Following the path of self-study, he is a committed practitioner and studious of the yogic tradition as a whole, as well as a musician focused on mantra yoga, the indian classical music tradition of dhrupad, the research around global shamanic sounds and the deep listening of nature. He devotes himself, since 2013, to sharing the teachings of integral yoga, focussing on nāda yoga (the yoga of sound) and the sapiential philosophies of yoga through courses, workshops, concerts, sound-healing sessions, one-to-one work and experiential retreats in nature under the frame of the projects anāhata nāda yoga and saṃtoṣa āyurveda (together with the therapist Ana Gabriela Terra). We are very happy to have his profound teachings and kind presence several times a year in our center.

Courses with Sakshin: 

Silence and Sound Retreat

Ayurveda Retreat