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Silent Meditation Retreat

- 3 days of full Silence -

What can you expect?

During these 5 days you will be guided into the practice of meditation. The silence and the natural monastic environment create a spacious field in which you can contemplate, relax and return to your true Self. The constant influx of impulses and information will be put on hold and the attention will be directed inward. You’ll be given the chance to let go of daily activities as well as internal obstacles. The meditation practice and the nurturing outer conditions create a healing process. The innate love, joy and freedom of your being can be rediscovered and reactivated.


What you will learn?

  • The basics and essence of meditation according to the ancient path of Yoga

  • Overcoming obstacles for meditation

  • Connecting to ‘Akasha’ – empty space

  • Connecting sound and silence

  • Reconnecting to your Self

  • Integrating the practice in daily life


What does silence mean?

For 3 full days silence (mauna) will be present. That means refraining from any external communication, including talking, emails, phone calls, etc. Your phone will be handed in on the first evening. The attention can be fully ‘here’ and inside. Silence is a requisite for the meditation practice and the deep healing that may take place.


What is included in the retreat?

  • Silent meditation

  • Primal sound and deep listening practice

  • OM chanting

  • Guidance in the meditation practice

  • Yoga asana

  • Being

  • Nature connection

  • Nurturing vegan diet

  • The healing field of ‘silence’



6h30 Gong

7h Silent meditation / Chanting / Hatha Yoga

9h30 Breakfast and free time

11h30 Lecture (on meditation)

12h30 Silent meditation

13h30 Lunch and free time

16h30 Silence and Sound meditation

18h30 Dinner and rest

20h Silent meditation

22h Sleep


Guidence by Surya Maarten

Practical information

  • Date: 26th to 30th of July 2023

  • Time: Arrival on the 26th at 15h, the retreat ends on the 30th at 17h

  • Prices (including all organic meals and accomodation):

    • Camping: €490

    • Dormitory: €550

    • White (triple) room: €590

    • Inspiration Room (private): €675

    • Inspiration Room (2 persons): €590pp.

    • Cocoon room (private): €725

    • Cocoon room (2 persons): €675pp.

  • Other practical info will be communicated through e-mail after subscription

  • Please subscribe through the form on the left

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