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Surya Maarten Adriaenssens

Sound Healer / Musician / Yogi / Space-Holder

Surya is the eagle eye and visionary of the center. He breaths life into Akasha on a daily basis by managing whatever needs to be done to hold the ground and Space that is Akasha. Together with Sophie he has a long-term commitment to uphold the Akasha center and community.

A couple of mystical experiences in his late teenager years gave passage to Surya's first journey to India in 2008. As it became clear that 'that' what caught his interest wasn't possible to study at university, he started a nomadic life for about 10 years. His travels went hand in hand with an intensive study of consciousness, energy, healing sound and music. It brought him to all corners of the globe, although most of this time was spent in northern India. Surya had the chance to learn from and live with several spiritual teachers, shamans and masters and dive deep within himself through a daily practice of yoga, tantra and meditation. Throughout the years he specialised in healing sound and sacred music, through the voice as well as several ethnical instruments. In the field of sound healing he started to offer treatments, concerts and teachings in Belgium, India, Turkey and other places.


Driven by a deep wish to support more people in a psychologically ever-more-challenging environment he decided to root his work in an old Flemish monastery. Together with his brother Floris and partner Sophie he founded Akasha Retreat Center in 2018. Through the center he continues to build bridges between different cultures and spiritual traditions, old times and new times.

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