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Akasha offers different options for accommodation. We are providing a space that is physically and energetically clean and uplifting. Apart from your selected bedroom, you have access to the beautiful shared living room, garden and temple room. All rooms have all the necessary items provided: a comfortable bed, sheets, blankets, pillows, closets, towel, etc. We offer the following types of accommodation:


Cocoon Room

This beautiful room with double bed is ideal for couples or individuals who like to treat themselves with extra privacy and spaciousness. Included with this room is a large private bathroom.


White Room

This white painted room, full of natural light offers a perfect condition to reconnect with your inner light. Inside there are 3 beds and the bathroom attached to the room is to be shared only with your roommates (if any).



The spacious dormitory has 3 bunk beds and is our most economical option inside of the building. You'll still be able to bath yourself in the beauty and spaciousness of the rest of the house.


Inspiration Room

This green oasis invites you to retreat in a welcoming, nurturing space - ideal to restore your inner energy. It has one double bed and a wash basin. The separate bathroom is to be shared with the other guests that are staying in the dormitory



The most low budget option is to bring your own tent and get settled somewhere on the large field next to the monastery. An outside toilet and shower are available.

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