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Night of Shakti

Just like we celebrate Shiva during the night of Shiva (Mahashivaratri) every year again, this year we will also celebrate Shakti. We'll share a night of deep devotion. Divine music and all of our powerful voices will be directed at the Mother Goddess.

Who is Shakti?

Everything you can see, small, taste, feel and hear... this is all Shakti. It all is the Great Goddess (Maha Devi). While Shiva is recognised as the silent Source of all - just like the seed of the Father - Shakti is recognised as the entire creation. Just like a seed cannot be separated from the tree that grows out of it, Shiva and Shakti are interrelated.

Shakti can be found within all mothers and all women. Yet, she is alive within all men too, and all of creation really. As we are all born from the Great Mother, we give reverence to Her. By honoring Her we honor the Love that resides within ourselves. Singing Her name is an offering of gratitude for ALL LIFE.


What can you expect?

We will all maintain noble silence during the night, in order to create a sacred athmosphere. Although you can not talk during the event, you are free to walk, lay down or eat whenever there is the need for. There will be Devi bhajans and chantings through out the whole evening, in which you are invited to join.

What to bring?

It's recommanded to wear loose and red cloths (as red is the color of the Devi). If you don't have red cloths you could also wear pink, orange, yellow or white. Mala's and Devi attributes are welcome.

Staying overnight

You could possibly combine it with an overnight stay.  Info about the accommodation you find here.

Musicians: Surya Maarten, Nicolas Mortelmans, Eva Van Leuven, Sudeva Marco & friends


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