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Sound Healing Module 1


A Study and Healing Journey of Sound and  Transformation


Theme: Transformation

Goal: Sound Healing Practitioner

Module 1 is designed to dive deeper within yourself with the help of healing sound. The basic principles of sound healing are being thaught and directly experienced through individual and group practice. Before we can offer healing sessions to others it's essential to learn how to heal ourselves with sound first. That's why the main focus of this training is on self healing and strengthening your own connection with sound. A big part of the course is dedicated to shining light on the shadow. Awareness and transformation is brought to the mental constructions that form the root causes of energetic blockage and disease.


During each weekend you get exercises to practice daily at home. Integration and self practice is an important part of the course. Between each weekend you come together with another participant to practice.

The course is offering a mix of knowledge and intuitive experiencial work.


Covered subjects:

  • Healing voice

  • The art of listening

  • Breath and sound

  • Silence and sound

  • Holistic healing basics

  • Releasing blockages

  • Transformative shadow work

  • Voice release

  • Shamanic sound healing

  • Shaman drum

  • The seven chakras

  • The five elements

  • Singing bowls introduction

  • Healing instruments

  • Mantra and sacred songs

  • ...

Teacher: Surya Maarten

Module 1 training 2024

  • Module 1 training includes 3 weekends

  • Spring 2024​

    • Weekend 1: 26 to 28th of April

    • Weekend 2: 24 to 26th of May

    • Weekend 3: 29th to 30th of June

  • Autumn 2024

    • Weekend 1: 27 to 29th of September​

    • Weekend 2: 18 to 20th of October

    • Weekend 3: 9 to 10th of November

  • Times: The first 2 weekends start Fridays at 15h. The last weekend starts Saturday at 10h. Closings usually are around 18h on Sundays.

  • Including all teachings, extensive written course, multiple audio files, certificate, all vegetarian organic meals and old monastic accommodation

  • Prices (all included):

    • Camping: €990

    • Shared room: €1200

    • Private room with shared bathroom: €1350

    • Private room with private bathroom: €1490

  • More info about our accommodation here

  • Maximum 14 participants

  • Subscribe through the form on this page

  • Further information and communication is going though email

Practical Information

Basiscursus Soundhealing.jpg
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