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Our Home

We are blessed to be able to live in a small old nun monastery that used to be part of the property of the castle of Hex, which is next door. Inside the building one can still feel the sacredness and silence created through devotion and prayer. In the same time we are creating a cosy family athmosphere for anyone to feel at home. The place itself awakens in many a feeling of peace and calm, and is a nurturing  ground to reconnect with the Self and nature.











Akasha is located in the idyllic area of Haspengouw in Belgium, near the German and Dutch border. Only one hour away from the cities Brussels and Antwerp, near the ancient city of Tongeren, there is this little ‘castle village’ called Heks (which literally means ‘witch’ in dutch), where Akasha is settled. The area is not only known for its spring blossoms and fruit trees, but also for its rich prehistoric, Roman and medieval history. Many archeological sites, as well as castles and old monasteries are telling its ancient stories.

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