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Within one solar year the moon cycle has 13 dark nights. Mahashivaratri, the darkest night, has been celebrated for ages as the night of great powerful Shiva.

Mahashivratri, literally means "the great (maha) night (ratri) of Shiva"and is about the most important spiritual event in the Hindu and yoga tradition and culture of India. The moon disappears during this night. The moon is symbol for the mind and her cycle has a remarkable influence on life on earth. Therefore this night is dedicated to Shiva, who is symbol for the highest consciousness that lies beyond the mind. Those who join the celebration during this night give expression to the desire to reach beyond the mind and conquer its sabbotaging influence.


What can you expect?

We will all maintain the noble silence during the night, in order to create a sacred athmosphere. Although you can not talk during the event, you are free to walk, lay down or eat whenever there is the need for. There will be Shiva bhajans and chantings the whole night long, in which you are invited to join.

What to bring?

It's recommanded to wear loose and white cloths and leave behind any jewelry. Mala's and Shiva attributes are welcome.

Possibility to stay over for the night

Mahashivaratri takes place on the first day of the 'Krokus vacations' (in Belgium). Perfect to combine it with an overnight stay and soak up the sacred atmosphere of the retreat center. Info about the accommodation you find here. It can also be connected to a longer stay within a retreat. Info about this you can read here.

Read more about the meaning of Mahashivaratri here. (in Dutch)


Facilitators: Surya, Nicolas Mortelmans 

Practical information

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