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Sound Healing Module 3

A Study of Sound, the Art of Giving and Supporting the Healing Journey of the Other

Theme: Giving

Goal: Sound Healer

Contains: 3 long weekends

Themes that are covered:

  • Practice of Giving

  • Methods for 1 on 1 sessions

  • Lots of 1 on 1 practice

  • Anamnesis

  • Diagnostic test

  • Healing process

  • Healing through shamanic journey

  • Healing through the 5 elements

  • Healing through the 7 chakras

  • Responsibilities of the sound healer

  • Facilitating a sound journey

  • Ceremonies

Homework includes:

  • Applying the 1 on 1 techniques with people around you

  • Writing a thesis

  • Studying for theoretical examination

Requirements to participate:

  • Having completed module 1 and 2

  • Regular self-practice with sound

  • Having 1 main instrument (voice, drum, singing bowls or other)

  • Passing the examination on the content of module 1 and 2: theoretically and practically

  • Nurturing the wish to support others through sound healing

Teacher: Surya Maarten

Practical information

  • Dates: 2024 (exact dates to be determined)

  • Contains 3 long weekends (3 times 3 days)

  • Including all teachings, extensive written course, personal advice and feedback, certificate, all vegetarian organic meals and old monastic accommodation

  • Price: €1400 (with own tent or camper €120 discount / private room without own bathroom €330 extra / private room with own bathroom €500 extra)

  • Maximum 14 participants

  • Subscribe through the form on the left

  • Further information and communication is going though email

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