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Floris Adriaenssens

Yogi / Cook / Co-founder

Floris started his yoga practice in Belgium in 2008. Through a dedicated and continuous practice, he has discovered the deep transformation and purification on all levels that it has brought and continues to bring. Since he met Paulina in 2011, he has been living mostly in yoga ashrams, communities and schools in Mexico, India, Spain and France. Floris has been teaching over the last years more than 10 yoga teacher trainings, mainly in ‘Om Shanti’ (Mexico and Spain). He has learned yoga from many different teachers and traditions, being mainly influenced by Bihar school of yoga. His mission is to bring the knowledge of these different yoga traditions together while keeping true to the original spirit and essence of Yoga. Floris has studied massage in several workshops, mainly in Mexico. In 2018 he co-founded Akasha Retreat Center, together with his brother Surya. Apart from yoga, his passions and joys are found in travelling, hiking, gardening, cooking and massage therapy.

Courses with Floris: 


Yoga in Akasha Retreat

yoga teacher training

Yoga Teacher Training



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