Sophie Snoeckx

Yogini of the Heart / Transformational Coach / Space-Holder

Adventure has always been an important key in Sophie Snoeckx’ life, until she felt the longing for something more than outward adventure…

It is then, ten years ago, that she discovered the depth of the path of Yoga.  Ever since, the exploration of intimacy became a true dedication.

Through improvisation theater, Tantra philosophy and Yoga she explores the depth of intimacy and the joy of the moment.

How much can you stay connected to your heart in daily life, in your relationships?

This important subject is worked with in Sophie’s workshops and retreats. Silence, Self Love, Self knowledge and laughter are her favourite medicines. Sophie combines the sacred and the playful, a perfect representation of her way of life.

Courses with Sophie: 

Yoga and Workshops

in Akasha Retreat



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