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Be prepared for the Great Change

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Good morning! Welcome to the New Era. I’m glad you are in.

It’s been foreseen for a long time now. Prophets, visionaries, as well as economists and ecologists have all been sharing the same message; an era is ending. We are at the dawn of a new earth.

Around 12 years ago I started having these dreams. Although the setting and situation was always different, they all came down to this; ‘the world as we know it today is going to change profoundly, and it’s going to happen rapidly.’ Well, one doesn’t need to have dreams about it to predict that… look around! It is happening right now. I believe the current crisis is giving us a first taste of this great change.

Something magnificent is about to happen. Something incredible is happening at this very moment; we are collectively waking up for the paradise that already is here on earth. There is so much beauty around, so much love in all of our hearts, so much opportunities to create the fulfilling life we dream of and there is joy and bliss to be felt in this very moment. Creating beauty and harmony in every aspect of our world really is possible, and I believe this is the direction where we are heading collectively.

Now, being awake, we become acutely aware of what happened during our collective sleep. We were creating a nightmare indeed. Ignorance and fear have been ruling us collectively. The economic system, based on debt, is about to crumble down very soon. Ecological catastrophes are likely to happen. The human health condition has been strongly compromised by massive intake of toxic food, chemical drugs, vaccinations, as well as water and air pollution. Humans have isolated their selves from nature, and are standing vulnerable for this reason.

The Mother is calling you to return, and asks for a change. She will bring that change. You are offered the opportunity to live again in harmony with her and thrive. For this to happen you need to change your life style and most importantly your way of thinking.

This is what you can do to make the most out of the Great Change:

  • Live in or close to nature. The closer you live to nature, the better.

  • Have an organic, plant-based diet.

  • Grow your own veggies.

  • Invest your money in real assets instead of having it on the bank account.

  • Surround yourself with the people you love.

  • Make friendships with your neighbours.

  • Love and support each other.

  • Whatever is your passion, make it your job. Either start your own project or work for the project you trust and believe in.

  • Only perform work that supports the earth and your fellow earthlings. Abandon any involvement with multinationals.

  • Devote yourself to a daily spiritual practice. It might be meditation, yoga, praying, singing, dancing or something else that brings you closer to God.

  • Find out who you are, and study ancient spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

  • Be open for the unknown.

  • Play

  • Enjoy moments of doing ‘nothing’

  • BE

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