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Yoga of Sound Retreat

The Way of Nāda Yoga

dhrupad / mantra / ecstatic music

Listen deeply, 

sing heartfully, 

free your voice.



yoga means union, melting our individuality with the cosmic Self.

nāda refers to the primordial sound, out of which everything originates.

nāda yoga is a path of union through connection with the primordial sound. 





The aim of this retreat is to provide a safe and healing vibrational field so you can experience the breakthrough you need at this point of your journey. We will be exploring in depth some of the most powerful sound-based (nāda) meditation tools: listening and singing practices that have been passed on through millennia in the context of the yogic tradition.


Together, we will unveil the restorative and evolutionary power of vibration, the most accessible and effective support for meditative absorption. We will walk the way of sound, a journey towards the expansion of consciousness and the opening of the heart.


What does it offer?


The core focus of this retreat is to bring about a unique opportunity to experience meditation through the ancestral techniques of deep listening and mindful singing. For this, the participants will receive an in-depth introduction to the foundations of nāda yoga and, most of all, lots of practice to have a real taste of what it is to walk the way of sound meditation. 


The food and various herbal drinks and aromas accompanying the practice will be consciously chosen from an ayurvedic perspective, in order to provide harmonization and serenity for body and mind, and, in turn, enhance our sound and healing practices. The venue, surrounded by fields and forest, is a peaceful abode in which silent nature walks can also be made. With over 15 years of experience in the field of sound and yoga, Victor Sakshin will be sharing some of the most precious fruits of his own journey and daily practice.



  • Meditation techniques in deep listening to develop the witness-consciousness.

  • Meditative absorption by learning to concentrate on the inner underlying sound (anāhata nāda).

  • Yogic techniques of voice mind-heartfulness.

  • Mantra and mudrā practice and foundations.

  • Complete kriya practices with live music.

  • The sacred phonetics of the sanskrit alphabet and some of its main bīja mantra (seed sounds): connecting with the macrocosm through the inner microcosm.

  • Liberating the natural singing voice according to the dhrupad lineage of nāda yoga: developing freedom, clarity and stability.

  • Intuitive singing circles for expanding creativity and spontaneity.

  • The art of singing with a drone: micro-tuning in the fusion between the voice and a constant sound.

  • In-depth introduction to the philosophy, scriptures and fundamental concepts of nāda yoga.

  • The four levels of sound and speech according to vedic wisdom. How to apply these four levels in the practice.

  • The ॐ (om) and the uttering of the great primordial vibration.

  • Body and breath work through yoga.

  • Ceremonies.

  • Yoga nidra sound journeys.


For whom?

This retreat is suitable for any person interested in meditation, sound and inner growth, regardless of your previous background. If you are new to this, it can be a very good way to initiate a profound journey and receive all the necessary tools for it. If you are an experienced music, soundhealing or yoga practitioner, it can bring intense insight and breakthroughs in your path, along with lots of extra depth into the practice. In short: this retreat is for anyone who feels the call to connect with inner peace and silence through the way of sound.

You may ask: “Do I need to be a singer or a musician to engage?”

And the answer is: “If you can breathe, you can sing. If you can hear, you can listen.”


Language: English

Teacher: Sakshin

Guest Teacher: Tara Indra

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Practical information

  • Dates: 10th till 14th of May 2023

  • Time: Arrival on the 10th at 15h, the retreat ends on the 14th at 15h

  • Prices (including all organic meals and accomodation):

    • Camping: € 425

    • Dormitory: €495

    • White (triple) room: €550

    • Inspiration Room (private): €600

    • Inspiration Room (2 persons): €550pp.

    • Cocoon room (private): €650

    • Cocoon room (2 persons): €600pp.

  • Other practical info will be communicated through e-mail after subscription

  • Please subscribe through the form on the left

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