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Rianne Toenhake

Yogini / Bodyworker

The body has always been a keen interest to Rianne. A sporty spice as a teenager, she dove into the physical aspects of the body in health and disease during her Medicine studies at the Antwerp University. While studying, she got introduced to yoga and a new love was born. It was - and still is - a great blessing to her to find a path towards flexibility and stability at each level of our being. 


To what extent can we experience life? How to live an intimate relationship with the moment? How to find stillness in movement? Many questions: yoga has been and – thankfully – keeps on renewing her vision on life.  


For her, it’s a wish come true to share and further explore the knowledge of yoga. At Akasha, alongside yoga, she also offers deep restorative and energizing massages. These are based on fasciatherapy (method Danis Bois) and aromatherapy. Last but not least, if the occassion arises, she’s happy to take you on a dance journey: a passage for the soul towards creative and embodied expression.

Rianne offers:




Yoga and Workshops

in Akasha Retreat

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