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Pranayama Workshop (online)

If you are interested to discover deeper the infinite potential you have within through breathing, this workshop may be something for you.


Breathing is the most vital key to life. Our phsyical, emotional and mental health
is directly reflected and influenced by our breath. Yet, how often are we
conscious about it?

Breath is the bridge between body, mind and spirit. It connects us to the present
moment in the most spontanious and simple way. This is the first and most
essential condition for yoga.

Once we are aware of the breath, we can learn to control and extend it in order
to awaken specific qualities and attributes within ourselves. According to sage
Patanjali, pranayama has to be practiced once the body is steady, firm and at
ease. It is a stepping stone into the depth of our being and a preperation for
meditation. However, certain techniques can as well be practiced to awaken
dynamism, will power, boost the immune system and become a more awake and
energetic cocreator in the play of life. Pranayama can be used for effectively
handling stressful situations and releasing blocked energies and thus be useful for
any aspect of life.

What will you learn?
-  Asanas/postures that help awaken the energetic body
-  Yogic philosophy behind pranayama
-  The physiology and breathing mecanisms
-  How to optimize health, nervous system and awareness through breathing.
-  Breathing techniques/pranayama: Benefits, counter-indications and



We recommand to only take fruit/tea/water or juice before practice.

9-10h15: Introduction and Asana practice for opening the physical andenergetic body.

10h30-11h30: Philosophy and physiology behind pranayama

11h30-15h30: Brunch at home + rest and digest

15h30-17h30: Pranayama practice and explanation of techniques

For whom?
- Both beginners and advanced yoga practisioners. If you have any severe
health conditions, please inform me and we can have a little interview
- If you have severe health conditions, personalized pranayama class is
available upon request


Instructor: Floris Adriaenssens

Practical information

  • When: Saturday, 16th of May 2020

  • Time: See schedule (up)

  • Price: €40

  • Platform: Zoom - The link will be given to you once you completed the reservation

  • Reservation through the form

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