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I am a Millionaire

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Are we at the dawn of an economic crisis? Honestly, I believe it would be a good thing, for it might be the only way to bring an end to robbery of the third world, exhaustion of nature, intoxication of our bodies and polarisation of people. A crisis of whatever kind usually creates fertile ground for the most beautiful things, although issues and suffering are magnified at first as they reach a peak.

As Charles Eisenstein states; “Whether in collective life or personal, real change rarely comes in the absence of crisis.” That change is clearly needed today. No more old normal, hallelujah, let’s create a more beautiful, healthy and sustainable world from its foundation! Instead of obsessively running after economic growth, could we shift our idea of economics, wealth and abundance altogether?

Life on planet earth is utterly abundant. Yet, most of us are living in fear of lack and working their ass off to ‘survive’. There seems to be a lack of time and … money. In many places on earth people are actually even lacking the very basic needs. There must be something fundamentally wrong with the way we are dealing with the planet’s natural resources. What can we do about it?

Maybe we shouldn’t do anything for a moment, and reclaim what is truly important in our life? Instead of running the rat race of time and money, giving our soul to an impersonal energy consuming machine, could we just stop for a moment and look around? What is truly important? Isn’t it the human contacts around you? Isn’t it the beauty and richness of Mother Nature? Isn’t it that unique, precious gift of yours that really means something for another? Isn’t all of that worth more than anything else?

Maybe we shouldn’t do anything for a moment, and gaze at the millions of stars above, millions of flowers in spring and millions of apples in autumn. Maybe we should breath the abundance of fresh air, watch the morning dew, count the countless blessings of our ancestors, rejoice in the millions of kisses and hugs from our loved ones, behold the beauty of the clouds and receive the abundant sunrays. All around there are millions of treasures, just for free. Truly, I am a millionaire, and so are you.

Maybe we shouldn’t do anything for a moment, and relax, for it is in a state of ‘being’ that we remember what truly matters. From the ‘Being’ rises action that is full of spirit, full of joy. The Being motivates us to do something beautiful. This is the kind of action that gives fulfilment to yourself and the ones receiving your gifts. It’s only out of a state of being – relaxed, clear and free of worries - that we can envision and orient our actions in the direction of that which is really important to us.

I’m saying ‘that which is really important to US’. It includes yourself, but more than that. It simply isn’t satisfying to run after your personal wealth only. It simply isn’t satisfying to have as a chief aim to store as much money as you can on your personal bank account. Rather on the contrary; it feeds the ever-hungry monster of greed and fear of lack or loss. After the short term pleasures it leaves you dried up, longing for more. What truly feeds you and quenches your thirst is contributing to the wealth and happiness of humanity and the planet as a whole. What are your gifts to the planet?

It’s the only way to heal yourself, and the only way to heal the planet; giving answer to the question “What can I give to the earth in return for all of Her gifts?” It is the nature of the planet to give. If we look around the natural abundance of life becomes apparent. A single fruit baring apple tree in your garden is living evidence for this. We are like an apple tree; abundant in our gifts and talents. They are often covered up though. If we stop running for a moment, the hidden treasures may come to the surface and enrich your life more than any financial gain could ever do.

Does all that means we shouldn’t own much money, start ambitious businesses or invest in bitcoin or gold? No, whatever drives you from inside out is great. What matters is your connection to Being. The ‘feeling’ of abundance is a fragrance of the Being. It also is an indicator that tells you if you’re on or off track. The feeling of abundance is as well a key element for a true, valuable, sustainable contribution of whatever kind to the well-‘being’ of the planet.

There is more than enough resources on the planet for all inhabitants - human and non-human - to thrive. With ‘thriving’ I’m obviously not referring to millions of dollars on your bank account, but to an ‘inner state’ of abundance. It is a state of gratitude and a deep knowing that all is well. There is a greater Being that is taking care of us. It is only from gratitude for the Being that abundance can manifest in the material world, creating personal and collective wealth.

Gratitude for inspiration to:

- Charles Eisenstein and his book ‘Sacred Economics’

- Kailash Kokopelli and his song ‘Millionaire’

- The fruit trees in our garden

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