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Join us for our 

online weekly program

Yin Yoga

- with Rianne -

Every Monday 

18h - 19h15



Breathing & Meditation

- with Sophie -

Every Thursday 

17h - 17h30


mediation and pranayama

The classes will be given through Zoom, a free video communication tool that you can download on your computer beforehand. Click on the image to join the class.

These classes are free or donation-based. 

If you wish to support, you are welcome to make a donation

via bank transfer or Paypal.

- suggested donation for a class: between €5 & €20 -

With love and light, Akasha

We are happy to announce 

that we are offering individual sessions in Akasha again

Soundhealing Concert bij Julie Maison de

Individual Soundhealing

- with Surya -

On appointment

A sound healing session can open the way to restoring your natural balance. It is a doorway to reactivating your self healing power. 

Reservation and more information here.


Individual Coaching

- with Sophie -

On appointment

During an individual coaching, Sophie will discover together with you the things that are blocking you right now.  She’ll listen closely to you and reveal insights that can help you in your daily life. 

Reservation and more information here.

Akasha Youtube Channel

Now is the time to review our relationship with Health. Holistic Health is inseperable from Happiness. In this 1-hour talk Surya shares 7 practical aspects that we can integrate within our lives to prepare the soil for Happiness to flourish.

Those 7 basic 'ingredients' are:
1) Healthy Diet
2) Vitality
3) Social Contact
4) Daily Inspiration
5) Purpose
6) Music
7) Spiritual Practice

Each month a Sacred Word is explained 

by one of the Akasha teachers.

This month Floris talks about the meaning and beauty of Yoga.

'Yoga' could be translated as Union. An inner state of Union can be practised and lived through different paths. Floris talks about 4 essential paths of Yoga:

- Bhakti (Devotion)

- Jnana (Knowledge)

- Hatha (Balancing of energies)

- Karma (Action)

You are invited to subscribe to the Akasha youtube channel, 

if you wish to receive inspirational videos on yoga 

philosophy, soundhealing, guided mediations, ... 

Upcoming Activities

Akasha Retreat

17/06 - 30/06/2020

Sound Healing

Module 1 Intensive

(01/06 - 07/06/2020)

rescheduled to

13/07 - 19/07/2020

200hr Yoga and Meditation

Teacher Training

(27/06 - 27/07/2020)

rescheduled to 

12/09 - 12/10/2020

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