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There are 4 specific points within the solar year when the energy intensifies: spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice. During these days we are transitioning from one season into another. This transition creates a more intense energy field which makes our spiritual work - whether it's prayer, meditation, yoga or others - more profound and effective. During each of these transitions in Akasha we come 'to gather' with the community to reflect, pray, sing, celebrate and share a delicious meal.


Before we share the meal, we'll perform a ceremony. Since beginning of human kind people come 'to gather' to perform rituals or ceremonies. It is, and always was, a way to connect with the tribe or the community. Also it is a way to connect to the true meaning of life, our essence, God or the Universe if you will. We believe ceremonies are essential to stay happy and connected inside and outside. Because we notice many people in the West have forgotten how to do this, we are reintroducing it in our daily life and offering it regularly in Akasha.

We are inspired by ancient traditions and their ways of performing a ceremony. Although we are highly inspired by the Hindu and Yoga tradition, we are open to any tradition in which the heart shines through. We are adapting to the needs of the modern times and in the same time continuing the essentials of the old traditions.


Read more about our interspiritual community here.


Gatherings 2020

  • Spring Gathering: 21st of March

  • Summer Gathering: 20th of June

  • Autumn Gathering: 20th of September

  • Winter Gathering: 20th of December

Practical info for every gathering:

We are offering different kind of ceremonies:


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