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Love in action

We are working in the spirit of ‘karma yoga’, which we could translate as ‘Love in action’. If you want to grow, learn and deepen the qualities of service and love, you are welcome to apply for joining as a volunteer. Read more about ‘karma yoga’ here.

Volunteer with us

We offer 2 ways of practicing karma yoga with us: as a resident (minimum 2 months) or as a non-resident in our center. From September 2023 on we will mostly work with non-residential karma yogis and will have the resident-option only sporadically.

What does non-resident karma yoga involve?

As a non-resident volunteer (karma yogi) you join our team for specific retreats, always from the beginning until the end of a retreat. This is usually for about 4 days. During these days you can stay over in our center and afterwards you return home. Volunteers work an average of 5 hours a day.

What does the work include?


Depending on both your interests and talents and our necessities, you can work in specific fields, though we ask for a flexible attitude, serving where needed. These jobs include:

·       Vegan cooking (which is the main volunteer task)                                                                                                       

·       Cleaning and housekeeping                                                                                    

·       Gardening                                                                                                                 

·       Picking up/dropping off guests from nearby train station                                     

·       Teaching yoga or other related workshops (if you have the skill and education)

·       Creative input  


What do we expect?

  •   Minimum age of 25 years old

  •   Clear and honest communication

  •   Flexible attitude

  •   Spiritual aspiration

What do we offer?

  •   A peaceful and natural environment to reconnect with yourself.                                        

  •   A sangha (= spiritual community to inspire one another and lift each other up)

  •   All meals and accommodation. Food will mainly be organic, is high in quality and mostly vegan.

  •   Daily meditation, yoga, sound healing sessions and/or evening workshops. Some specific workshops may be closed to students only.

  •   Opportunity to deepen your yoga/meditation/sound healing practice.

  •    If you have the skills and education to offer professional massage, healing sessions, coachings, etc. there could be the possibility to offer this to the guests.

  •    As a non-resident volunteer you can choose to stay for 1 or 2 extra nights and enjoy the calm of the monastery and nature around.

  •    After having served in 2 retreats you can join the upcoming 4 gatherings for free

  •    After having served in 3 retreats you can join 1 Akasha retreat for free (in shared room) within the following year.


  • No drugs or alcohol                                                                                     

  • No smoking on the property                                                                     

  • Willingness to serve from a pure intention and with transparency

  • Being punctual when your shift starts                                                    

  • Being committed to the agreed period of volunteering                 



Before you consider applying please note that this is not a work-exchange, but a karma yoga experience. Read here more about karma yoga.

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