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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.”


As some of you might feel lonely in these times, remember that here lies a great opportunity. It’s in solitude where the greatest inventions of human kind were born. It’s in solitude where the most well known musicians could practice and allow inspiration to flow through. It’s in months or often years of solitude where the greatest spiritual masters found the Source of eternal happiness. This happened to Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and countless other spiritual leaders and saints.

While loneliness comes with a burden of emotions and a distinct sense of separation, solitude is different. One could be isolated from the rest of the world and yet feel deeply connected to everyone and everything. For this to happen, it could be necessary to go through loneliness first. By allowing the pain that comes with the sense of separation, the boundaries of the individual self can dissolve. Just like a drop of water merging with the ocean, the one who allows the pain of separation will find connection to all. In this internal connection there is joy, love, expansion and happiness.

When the personal story, with its victories and tragedies, is left behind, there is just this moment. In the simplicity of this moment, a treasure is presenting itself. It could be hidden in the words you are reading right now. It could emanate from the sun that shines on your face. It could sing through a bird you are listening to. It could even present itself through just you sitting on the sofa, without any external stimuli. The treasure may show itself at any given moment. Though it is invisible. It has a fragrance that can be scented through our feelings. It might be a profound sense of light, love or fulfilment. It’s when we are connecting in solitude when the treasure shows itself easily.

This place of internal connection is like a peaceful island in the midst of a wild ocean. Only if we regularly visit this island can we truly connect to others and the world. The world, with all its relationships and activities, can easily become a stormy ocean at times. Thoughts and emotions may go wild and the ship can easily capsize if it is not prepared. In order to prevent the ship from drowning in the waves of the world, internal connection in solitude is needed at times.

The Source of love and happiness can be found within, and only within. Staying in touch with it during activities you are performing in the world, means you are acting out of Love. Staying in touch with the Source means you are not expecting any reward or recognition for the activity you perform. Nothing is needed anymore, because you realised your fullness. Nothing can make you more complete than you already are. The need for attention from the outer world dissolves, because all the attention you ever desired lies here; in this moment, within yourself.

Does this mean we should always be in solitude and forget about connecting to each other? Not at all. It means that we dissolve the neediness within our social connections. By remembering our fullness, happiness instead of neediness can be shared. Instead of sucking the energy out of someone, empowerment, love and care takes place. Solitude is the foundation of constructive cooperation and connection. It is the foundation of a stable, love-oriented community in which people truly lift each other up.

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