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Reflecting the Pause

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

If we look in a mirror we see our physical reflection. In the same way we are looking in the mirror of this great pause at the reflection of our personal and collective way of living. What do you see?

Viruses generally teach us to stop moving and being busy for a while. Living our life from a feeling of stillness is what consistently nurtures our immune system and keeps us in balance. That’s what truly recharges us from inside. To maintain that connection with inner silence we might need to change things in our lives. We might need to stop running from here to there. What are we continuously running away from? Could it be our own feelings? If we fully allow our feelings to be felt, things start to look differently. We become fully aware of what is good for us and what isn’t. Things might change in your life, as you may make other choices than you did before. It’s from this point of stillness that we start to navigate towards a truly healthy and fulfilling life. In this life there is space for truthful, loving relationships and a purpose that serves the wellbeing of every living creature.

We are slowly moving out of this great pause. For some people it was a horrible condition to be isolated for months in one place and being confronted with death, disease and political measurements where you may or may not agree with. Now we are returning to activity and social contact, will you continue your life in the same way as it was before? If you had a hard time during this pause, you might want to ask yourself these questions:

Are you happy with…

  • the place you call home?

  • the people you’re living with?

  • the job you’re doing?

Create the right conditions in your outer life – home, relationships and job – in order to find stillness inside of you. Being in line with this stillness means also to nurture your health and immune system. What do I mean with finding that stillness? Here are 4 golden tips for you to reach that:

  • Move! Dance, practice yoga, work in the garden or go for a walk. Spend sufficient time outside in sun and nature.

  • Diet! Notice your feeling after any meal, and follow what makes your body happy.

  • Feel! Whenever your mind feels clouded and you’re feeling unbalanced, go to a quiet place, sit still and just allow your feelings to be felt.

  • Be still! Let your awareness rest beyond your thoughts and feelings. There is an empty open space. It’s pure consciousness. It’s perfect as it is.

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