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Living is Dying

Updated: Jul 30, 2022


I have your attention, right? Why is ‘death’ attracting you so much? This can be for two reasons:

either you are afraid of it, or you deeply want to know its secrets. Or it could be both of it.

I could have written the word ‘sex’ too. It would have attracted at least equal attention. This is

because both of these words trigger a profound feeling in us. From sex sprouts all forms of LIFE. You

were born out of it, and everyone and everything is. To DEATH return all forms of life. You included.

There is a magnetic attraction towards these two forces. It’s built into our natural system to discover

both. Every single human being wants to understand life and death. Although the quest for it can be

active or on hold, facing it is inevitable.

You are dying right now. Every single ‘now’ moment your body is changing. Your emotions are

changing. Your thought patterns and beliefs are changing. Death is change itself. I remember S. N.

Goenka during my vipassana meditation retreats repeating and emphasising: “Change is the only

constant in the universe.” If that is true, everyone and everything is dying every single moment of

their lives. Surely there are small deaths and great deaths, as there are small changes, and big ones.

The more flexible and open for change we are right now, the more prepared we are to face death

within our family members or friends and eventually for leaving the body ourselves.

The only way to really prepare yourself for death is ‘living your life to the fullest’. Only when you stop giving in to your addictions, stop living under reign of fear and dare to take a jump into the unknown, can you truly find fulfilment. There are unique dreams alive inside of your heart. It is through living those dreams, no matter what it takes, that you prepare yourself for facing the Great Change.

Living your dreams is bringing you sooner or later to discover a profound, yet often hidden, desire.

It’s the longing for fundamental answers. Who are you?

The quest for these answers is a scientific study you can only do for yourself, since it touches

profound layers, way beyond what is measurable. Scientists have learned to aim consciousness

deeply into the outer world, as far as going to the moon. If the same ray of consciousness is aimed at

the inner world, answers to those fundamental questions are given. For this to happen a

fundamental shift from the outer to the inner world that is needed. A continuous self-observation is


Who are you? It’s a longing from the soul that brings one to this question. No answer is to be found

outside of you. People, words or situations may point to a direction, but the answer has to emerge

from inside of you only. When the longing is strong enough, prayer arises: “Give me Truth.” It may

repeat itself as a mantra. When the prayer is continuous and sincere the door will open.

Behind every single change there is an everlasting stillness, a silent witness, that is unchangeable. It is consciousness; ‘the One’ that is eternal. Death is nothing more than consciousness changing form.

Everyone who sat quietly for a longer time and looked inside, knows this. The reality of it is not to be

captured in words, it should be experienced. It is greater than any dream or worldly pleasure. It’s the

bringer of ultimate peace, ecstasy and fulfiller of every deepest heart desire. Yes, this IS possible. It is

here, now, reading this, alive. It’s You.

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