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Sound healing as a holistic healing method

Sound healing is a holistic healing method. Before practicing this form of therapy I believe it is of great importance to deeply understand what are the fundamentals of the holistic healing approach – which is a whole new paradigm in itself, really.

All of us are raised with the idea that disease is something to battle and conquer. It is an external enemy to be defeated. Illness and pain should be treated no matter what it takes. Illness is generally seen as a kind of bad luck and error of nature. We human beings, with our super-intelligent rational minds, have the potential of overcoming these errors of nature. By developing brilliant technologies we are about to bring the natural human evolution to a next step ‘ourselves’, and thus transcending the intelligence of nature. So goes the story of modern-day scientific community.

Let it be clear that the story of the holistic practitioner generally is a very different one. Mother Nature (and thus the natural universe) is recognised as the most intelligent force and the ultimate healer. Although science in itself – and the power of the rational mind - brings about great benefits in some areas of life, the greatest trust should be given to Nature itself, according to the holistic approach. For billions of years she has been developing these super-advanced technologies of which the human body (and entire human being) is one of them. Although decay is one of her processes, it’s her nature to ‘thrive’.

When it comes to health care / healing that means that we are not aiming to treat and suppress symptoms (whether they are physical, energetic, emotional or mental). Rather we aim to work together with the forces of Nature – the true healer. Really, if we allow and trust Nature to do her harmonising job, mostly we don’t need to do anything to re-establish balance in a disturbed organism. Trusting, allowing and possibly giving a little hand…. And here can come in a holistic therapy.

In sound healing we work together with the healing power of Nature through frequency, rhythm, melody and intention. All of those qualities are applied one-on-one, while intuitively tuning into the energy and frequency of the unique individual and as well the uniqueness of that moment. Through sound it is the aim to strengthen the natural immune system, as well as to transform destructive psycho-energetic causes of suffering. Other than this, sound healing might bring about deeper insights in the true and spiritual nature of oneself, beyond the physical body and even beyond the mind.

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