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Women & Men Circles

We all arrived on earth within the body of either a man or a woman. We entered a society with specific ideas about men and women; how we should dress, behave, think, speak or act. But if we let go of all these superimposed ideas, what does it mean to you to be a man or a woman?

Beyond our physical bodies we can observe that we all have both the masculine and the feminine power inside of us. By gaining more insight in those two polar forces within ourselves we can grow towards an inner balance.


The purpose of these circles is not to study this subject, but to share and feel empowered within the qualities of your own sex, and from this empowerment to integrate the qualities of the other sex.

In one circle women unite, and in another circle men unite with each other. What happens exactly is determined by all members of the circle together. It could be a sharing about sex, relationships or feelings, a dance, meditation or something totally different if the circle decides so.

Important values of both the women and men circles are:

support, trust, honesty, open communication, fun, co-creation and equality.

On the peak of every season a circle will take place, and every year the women and men circles will unite. In this way we support the integration of both of the polar forces, and open up the path for an experience of unity.

Another opportunity to 'come to gather' in union are the gatherings, at the seasonal shifting points (solstices and equinoxes). Read more about them here.

Facilitated by

Sophie & Surya

Women & Men Circles 2020

The two circles are taking place at the same time, but in another area of the Akasha building or land. In the very first circle we will start with all women and men together.

  • 1st of May - Theme: Union

  • 1st of August


  • 14h - 17h

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