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House Angel / Kitchen Mama / Singer / Artist

Tuula arrived at Akasha in April 2021 and felt at home right away. She comes originally from Finland and has spent the past 13 years traveling, mostly in India. Her main spiritual influences come from Advaita (non-duality), self-inquiry, devotional singing, Sufism, dreamtime journeys and meditation. Singing has always played a big part on her spiritual path. Ever since coming to Akasha, Tuula is learning to accompany devotional songs with the piano.


At Akasha, Tuula’s role is to put love into action through cooking, wall paintings, mealtime prayers, kirtans, beauty, order and vibrational upgrades. In the end, everything is a lesson of learning how to be an empty vessel so that the Spirit can work through us.


At Akasha, the spirit world is very present and accessible to all. The angels are always near, we only need to ask for their help and guidance. Tuula’s ongoing prayer is that all those who come to Akasha will feel and recognize the presence of God in ways that are concrete, personal and increasingly clear.


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