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Sacred Song Weekend

with Tuula

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Warmly welcome to take the time to come back to the Heart, using the voice as our vessel.


During this weekend we will use our voices to:


• Invoke the 7 Archangels, and learn about their connection to our chakra system


• Learn to recognize specific aspects of Divinity through songs




• Offer our naked voices to the Earth


• Explore self-inquiry through sound

• Gather in a circle 

• Sing together in pure archaic harmonics

A main topic of the weekend is to learn the difference between emotional voice release and what I’ve named as



Emotional voice release is giving expression to pain, grief etc through the voice.

It works, but is often short-lived and harsh to the vocal chords. 


The Sacred Heart Voice Release is a way of directing energy back to the Sacred Heart (based at the middle of the chest).

It transcends energy, brings painful experiences to actual completion, and is truly food for the Earth. 


This is based on a simple, extremely useful technique of bringing everything back to the Sacred Heart, which I have

learned from a spiritual teacher called Pia Ma. She has also taught me about the 7 Archangels, and their connection to

the chakra system and color rays, which we will utilize as an ongoing practice throughout the weekend. 


The Invitation for the weekend is to bring 2 Sacred Songs with you: One for singing together as a circle

and another for you to sing alone. (Both optional, of course, but highly encouraged! ☺ )


The environment at Akasha is an ideal location for sacred sound work. Here we have a safe haven

to sing our hearts out, bury old pains for good and bring forth the highest of high

and purest of pure new vibrations all the way down to this good Earth.






Language: English

Teacher: Tuula

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DAY 1 Friday 01/07

15h: Arrival 

16h: Sharing and Workshop 

18h30 Dinner

20h: Evening Circle


DAY 2 Saturday 02/07

8h: Morning Practice

9h30: Breakfast

11h Sharing and Workshop 

13h30: Lunch

16h: Afternoon Workshop

18h30: Dinner

20h: Evening Circle

DAY 3 Sunday 03/07

8h: Morning Practice

9h30: Breakfast

11h: Sharing and Ceremony

13h30: Lunch & Cake

15h: Parting




All meals are included and prepared with great care. We use organic ingredients and serve healthy, delicious, nutritious and well-balanced vegetarian and mainly vegan meals. For vegans, you will always have the option for pure vegan food. Let food be your medicine. Our cooks will be available to share their secrets with you upon request.

Reservation Form

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  • Dates: 1st to 3th of July 2022

  • Prices (all included):

    • Camping: €225

    • Dormitory: €275

    • Triple White Room (with 3 seperate beds): €300

    • Single Inspiration Room (with shared bathroom): €375

    • Private Cocoon Room (with private bathroom): €425

  • More info about our accommodation here

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  • Contact us if you have any further questions. 

Practical information

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