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Interspiritual Community

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

"Bringing together all the great systems of spiritual wisdom, practice, insight, reflection, experience, and science provides a truly integral understanding of spirituality in its practical application in our lives."
- Wayne Teasdale

The airplane and the internet

Since the airplane and the internet came into our daily lives, cultures and belief systems started globally melting together in a way it never did before. The same is happening with religions and spiritual traditions. Sacred scriptures and spiritual knowledge used to be reserved for a small elite group for many thousands of years. All that became open to the public only very recently. We now have access to what was hidden for so long. Mostly through the internet we are able to gain knowledge about any spiritual tradition. This leads us unavoidably to common ground.

One Truth

The recognition of the same Truth that underlies every religion or spiritual tradition is called 'interspirituality'. It is a modern day phenomenon, gaining strength and recognition day by day. Beyond every tradition there shines one and the same Truth in all. It is universal Love. It is Peace. It is ‘that’ what it’s all about. Connecting to Love, beyond differences, cultures or mental beliefs is the true spiritual experience.

"Truth is One, paths are many."

- Hindu saying

What divides us as individuals or as a human race and makes one think that his belief (or religion) is better than the others', cannot be anything else than fear. It is a lack of awareness and spiritual foundation. The more we are established in our spiritual practice, the more we wake up to the One consciousness. In this awareness all differences melt together, and a deep feeling of interconnectedness remains. We believe it is merely a matter of time for enough individuals to awaken to this One consciousness to really make an impact on foundational collective choices regarding the wellbeing of our global society and ecosystem.

Interspirituality in our center

The interspiritual vision is the base of our retreat center, academy and community. It opens doors to people from any tradition or culture, and unites our actions in service of universal love. By living the example in a small community, we contribute to peace and unity within the global community.

Although we are mostly inspired by and established in the path of Yoga, we integrate other traditions as well and maintain an open gaze towards anything or anyone that carries the Truth. You can read here more about our masters, our sources of inspiration and here about our vision on Yoga.


In his book ‘The Mystic Heart’ the Hindu-Christian monk Wayne Teasdale introduces the vision, or call it phenomenon, of interspirituality.

Here you can watch the video stemming from the conference ‘Dawn of Interspirituality’ in 2018.

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