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Nada Yoga - Meditation Workshop

About the Workshop

A journey of meditative absorption through ancestral yogic techniques of mindful singing and deep listening. Experiencing the path of Sound as a way of self discovery towards the expansion of consciousness and the opening of the Heart.  



"In this universe there is no form of knowledge that is not perceived through sound (nāda); knowledge is pervaded by sound, everything in this universe is nothing more than the result of sound.“ VakyaPadrya, 1.12


This workshop, intended for anyone (meditation practitioners, yoga students and teachers, therapists, sound healers, musicians and anyone interested in sound and meditation in general) regardless of their level of experience, is an opportunity to understand the foundations and directly experience the effects of nāda yoga in our system.



  • Yogic meditation techniques in the emission of sound through the voice:

    • insights and exercises for developing your natural voice according to the dhrupad lineage of nāda yoga: free, clear and stable voice.

    • mantra chanting: connecting the macrocosm with the inner microcosm.

    • singing with a drone: micro-tuning and the melting of the voice with a ground sound.


  • Yogic meditation techniques in deep listening:

    • parameters for the expansion of the focus of attention in listening.

    • nāda yoga nidrā: sound journey in a hypnagogic state of "conscious dream".

    • meditative absorption by listening to the primordial sound (anāhata nāda).



  • Philosophy and fundamental concepts of nāda yoga:

    • ahata and anāhata nāda.

    • the four levels of sound and their application in the practice of nāda yoga: vaikhari (audible sound), madhyama (intermediate), paśyantī (archetypal sound), parā(transcendental sound)

Teacher: साक्षिन sākṣin (Víctor García Cruz) 

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