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Morgan Roosario

Yogi / Gratitude Influencer / Cacao Lover

Like other beautiful souls co-creating Akasha, a milestone in Morgan's life happened after his first 10-day Vipassana course in Nepal. Consciously choosing a nomadic lifestyle, he was fortunate enough to live in several places around the world in the last 10 years. Fascinated by the beauty, the purity and the kindness of Humanity, he brings with him his experience, his roots. Ready to move on to the next adventure and simultaneously feeling at home, he naturally spreads the feeling of enjoying everyday. We all look for places where to grow, to learn, to share: the more people we meet, the higher the chances we'll find inspiring people and then have a positive impact on others. Akasha, in so many ways, has offered him incredible life-changing moments and knowledge. Deeply grateful for this Life, for all we received and can offer, after completing a Yoga Teacher Training course with Paulina and Floris at Akasha, he felt the genuine desire to continue here serving as Karma Yogi and giving Hatha Yoga classes and guided meditation.

Retreats with Morgan: 


Yoga and Meditation

in Akasha Retreat

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