Louis van Hacht

Holistic Gardener / Cook / Massagist

Louis is a passionate and inspiring young man that loves to share his knowledge and skills about nature with whoever is open to receive this. He is graduated as Herbalist in 2015 at the European Academy of Natural Heath Care and as Permaculture Green Manager in 2017 at the HoGent. He learned a lot through experience and co-created his first permaculture project, called the "Hoeders van de Aarde" in 2014 with a couple of friends nearby Antwerp. He did his internship about permaculture in the community called "Inanitah" in 2017 in Nicaragua where he gained a lot of experience about Holistic Gardening. In 2018 he went there again and became space holder of the community gardens. ​

Courses with Louis: 

Healing Herbal


Holistic Gardening


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