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Kristel 2

Kristel Sieprath

Multimedia /  Marketing / Yogini

After going on outward travels and adventures Sophie started an inner exploration through yoga and meditation. This taught her to let go of fear and anxiety through being present with whatever there is. She started sharing yoga not only during classes, but even more in daily life, during every act or interaction. The essence of what she learned she is finding now in nondualism. By giving up the search and opening up for the freedom and the unconditional love that is present right now in everyone and everything, Sophie is sharing her 'presence' in a simple, joyful, loving and authentic way.

Besides that Sophie is the one you might have had contact with already. She is behind most of the Akashic communication on the world wide web.

Together with her partner Surya she is keeping the center and community alive on the long term with a daily engagement.

She also loves cooking, being in nature and humor.

Sessions with Kristel: 


Yoga & Hike Weekend

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