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Photographer / Designer / Sunshine

Fascinated by the never-ending beauty of this world, photographing allows me to let my mind sink into my heart and be truly present with what is alive in that moment. Whenever I spread my wings out in the wide surroundings of nature, I feel my senses grow and my inner world expanding simultaneously. Since a young age photography has been my way of expressing this inner world and an opportunity to connect to the true essence of being. 


In 2017 I was so lucky to encounter a shift in my life. Thanks to this the realisation came that I was living a life as a human 'doing' instead of human 'being'. I began my adventure on the spiritual path, step by step discovering the body and finding great appreciation in the lessons that silence can teach. I am very grateful to have spend time in Hridaya Yoga France, where for the first time I could deeply experience how each asana unfolds an entire universe. I feel very blessed that Akasha came on my path ...  it is a space that supports me in following the call of my heart, purifying myself and peeling layer after layer, deeper into existence. 

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