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Holistic Gardening Workshop

About the Workshop

Holistic Gardening is simply being respectful towards yourself and your environment. Through living by this principle, we are able to strengthen our mind, body and spirit and of course to create gorgeous and abundantly gardens. 


In this workshop we will deepen our relationship with nature and ourselves. We will feel how the web of life unfolds itself in nature and how we are part of this. In the first part of this workshop we start with a 5 Elements Meditation to connect ourselves with the 5 primal elements of nature: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether. Through this active meditation we can feel the essence of our being and connect from there with each other and nature. We will put our intentions in to the fertile soil of Mother Earth by planting several seeds. We will connect with the healing powers of trees and eventually end this first part with 3 breathing exercises to energize ourselves.


In the second part of this workshop we will go through some essential basic theory about Holistic Gardening. Then we go in the garden and see how this theory can be put into practice. We will observe nature and interact. Tune in to the rhythm of nature and let our intuition guide us. Being present with ourselves and the garden, feeling the harmony and peace that exist within each moment. To close this workshop we will dive into the world of Aromatherapy and create all our own unique blend with several essential oils. 

Teacher: Louis Van Hacht

Louis is a passionate and inspiring young man that loves to share his knowledge and skills about nature with whoever is open to receive this. He is graduated as Herbalist in 2015 at the European Academy of Natural Heath Care and as Permaculture Green Manager in 2017 at the HoGent. He learned a lot through experience and co-created his first permaculture project, called the "Hoeders van de Aarde" in 2014 with a couple of friends nearby Antwerp. He did his internship about permaculture in the community called "Inanitah" in 2017 in Nicaragua where he gained a lot of experience about Holistic Gardening. In 2018 he went there again and became space holder of the community gardens. ​

Practical information

  • ​Dates: Saturday 25/05/19 and Wednesday 26/06/19 (separate workshops)

  • Time:

    • Morning session: 11u-13u30

    • Lunch: 13u30-15u

    • Afternoon session: 15u-18u

  • Price: 70 euro (essential oils and lunch are included)

  • What to bring: comfortable clothes, walking shoes, pen 

  • We provide: the essential oils to make your own blend

  • Reservations or questions: fill in the form on the left.