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Energy Healing

During a Energy Healing different forms of energetic bodywork are combined to enhance the body’s self-healing properties and restore imbalances. Greet works according to the principles of Reiki, Barbara Brennan, Jin Shin Jyutsu,… but in fact it all comes down to the same thing: being a channel for the universal life force to help a person, animal, plant,… heal itself. It can be used alongside other conventional or complementary treatments and often provides emotional, spiritual and physical support.

During a session you lay on a mat or table with your clothes on, covered with a sheet or blanket while I rest my hands on the parts of your body where the energy is needed the most.

Your major organs, chakras and meridians are treated with various hand positions.

Some of the benefits of getting regular treatments are:

-    Relief of pain, anxiety and fatigue

-    Relief of depressed feelings

-    Enhanced quality of life

-    Boosts your mood

-    …

It may be used to treat headache, tension, muscle or joint pain, nausea, insomnia, recovery after illness or surgery, burnout, lack of energy,…

It’s a complementary treatment and therefore never replaces any medical treatments.

Energy Healings are offered by Greet Knapen.

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Greet has a background in Chinese medicine, Reiki and various bodywork techniques. As a holistic therapist she works with humans as well as animals.

Here at Akasha you can come to her for energetic bodywork: Acupressure, Reiki or a combination (energy healing) of different techniques to help restore body balance and energy flow.

Greet connects her hands with her heart and her heart with the universe. In that way she becomes a vessel to help bring the universal energy to the places where it’s needed the most. The treatment supports your body to restore its self-healing abilities by bringing balance and removing blockages in the meridians, chakra’s and aura.

Practical information

  • Price:

    • €60 for 1 hour​​​

    • €90 for 1,5 hours

  • If you like to make an appointment, please fill in the form on the left

  • Tea and water is provided

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