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Practical Information

  • Dates: April 4 - 10, 2023

  • Prices (all included):

    • Camping: €750

    • Shared room: €900

    • Inspiration room: €1150

    • Cocoon: €1250

  • Booking process and cancelation policy: Pay a € 360 deposit now to secure your place. In the case that the event must be cancelled, your deposit is refundable. 

  • More info about our accommodation here

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  • Contact us if you have further questions

Practical Information

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Yoga & Meditation Retreat

- Back to the Source -

Do you feel the longing to dive deeper into your yoga and meditation practice and connect with your true nature? Then this retreat may be in resonance.


Every day we connect with another element and we recognize that the same beauty and qualities of nature, are reflected within ourselves! Yes, we all have the potential to live in harmony with nature, in peace beyond joy and pain. It is ultimately not something that we have to create, it is simply reconnecting with That what we are eternally.


What is this retreat about?

  • Deepen your yoga practice 

  • Upon completion, you will receive as a certified Yoga Teacher, a 40-hours, continuing education certificate

  • Learn from very experienced yoga teachers

  • Reconnect with the Source

  • Learn and practice more advanced pranayama (breathing techniques) 

  • Experience stillness, depth, and transformation through meditation and authentic Hatha yoga

  • Yoga philosophy 

  • Celebrate life through dance and opening up to bliss and beauty in an incredible retreat center

  • Experience divine love through Bhakti yoga

  • Connect deeply and authentically to the elements within and all around (earth, water, fire, air, space)


What is YACEP certification?​

We are a certified yoga school with Yoga Alliance, offering Yoga Teacher trainings and continuing education programs for yoga teachers. Once you have completed your Yoga Teacher training, you may want to dive deeper, without necessarily do again an entire Yoga Teacher Training from the beginning. The program in this retreat is especially tailored to yoga teachers and more experienced yogi(ni)s, so that you can learn more in depth about Asanas, Pranayama, meditation, mantra, and tap in to the deeper layers of your Self. Upon completion, you will receive an official certificate of Yoga Alliance: '40 hours continuing education', which you can add to your curriculum. And more important then the certificate, which can also serve as fire starter or toilet paper, is the great experience you will get out of this retreat!


More in detail

  • Deepen your yoga practice 
    Everything in nature works through cycles. When we tune in to the natural cycles of the day and start our daily yoga practice with, or just before, the first light, we set the tone for living the entire day more in harmony, peace, and openness.

    The emphasis during the yoga sessions is on breath, awareness and Self-exploration, and alignment of body, mind, and Spirit while being guided by experienced and passionate yoga teachers.

  • Learn and practice more advanced pranayama (breathing techniques) Pranayama is traditionally considered to be the most powerful practice of Hatha yoga. By slowing down the breath, and shining the light of awareness on it, the mind naturally becomes still, transparent, and ready for meditation. 
    Further, we will learn and practice powerful methods of fire breathing, to awaken every cell of the body and fill our system with Life force. As an ancient text on Yoga says: ‘Prana is our best friend. Without it, nothing can be done.’ So, in order to be successful and fulfilled in whatever we want in life, let’s get the prana flowing through our system.

  • Experience stillness, depth, and transformation through meditation and authentic Hatha yoga
    All branches of yoga, traditionally, are aimed at bringing Unity and Self-realization. Yoga cannot be separated from meditation. During this retreat, there will be several meditation sessions in which you will be guided back to the source within. Especially in this busy time of constant and rapid change, it is essential to reconnect to the anchor and unchanging background of our being. We will explore several meditation techniques and we happily assist you in finding the technique that suits you the best, as everyone is unique.   

  • Celebrate life through dance and opening up to bliss and beauty in an incredible retreat center
    Are you ready to celebrate life and connect with each other and the Self?
    Let’s light the flame in body, heart, and soul. 
    Spirituality is not just hard work. In its essence, its flavour is one of bliss and joy. During this retreat, there will be several sessions in which we invite you to find freedom through movement, dance, and music. 

  • Experience divine love through Bhakti yoga
    Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion and pure Love. Only when love flows, can we experience unity. In Bhakti yoga, this love is directed towards the source, in whatever way you may see it or name it. The source is not just outside, it is the very essence of our being. 
    We will connect to the healing vibrations of singing mantras and come together in a circle to chant kirtan and devotional songs. For people that may wonder about it; yoga is not a religion☺ 

  • Connect deeply and authentically to the elements within and all around (earth, water, fire, air, space)
    Every day will be dedicated to one element. We will experience its quality through the yoga sessions, and there will every day be time to find a spot in nature, in silence and solitude, in which you feel the resonance and connection with that specific element. During this time you are invited to meditate and write in your journal. 

Another beautiful way to honor the mystery and energy of the elements is by making a mandala (sacred form/altar). We will bring together offerings from nature (wood, seeds, flowers, grass, stones,...) and weave them together with prayer or mindful action, into a vibrant and beautiful form.


Day 1

14.00-16.00: Arrival
17.00: Opening ceremony
18.30: Dinner
20.00 - 21.00: Yin Yoga

Day 2 & 6

7.00- 7.55: Mantra and meditation
8.00-9.45: Hatha Yoga (including pranayama)
10.00: Breakfast
12.00-13.15: a lecture on Yoga philosophy
13.30: Lunch and resting time
16-17: Elemental meditation and journaling in silence
17.00-18.15: Workshop 
18.30: Dinner

20.30-21.30: Evening activity (Yoga Nidra/meditation/Bhajans/sharing circle)

Day 7


7.00- 7.55 mantra and meditation
8.00-9h45: Hatha Yoga (including pranayama)
10.00: Breakfast
12.00: Check-out

What is included?


  • All classes/workshops

  • 3 delicious, vegetarian meals a day 

  • Accommodation

  • Free pick-up and drop-off service in nearby train station 'Tongeren'


All meals are included and prepared with great care. We use organic ingredients and serve healthy, delicious, nutritious and well-balanced vegetarian and mainly vegan meals. For vegans, you will always have the option for pure vegan food. Let food be your medicine. Our cooks will be available to share their secrets with you upon request.



There are different types of accommodation.

Look into the different options here.


This retreat will be taught by experienced, and dedicated yoga/meditation teachers.

Floris and Paulina (Low Res)-94.jpg

Floris Adriaenssens

Yogi, Cook / Co-founder

Floris is a very passionate Yogi, literally ‘breathing’ the path of yoga, in every step of his daily life. He is open-heartedly sharing it, for the benefit of all beings


Tara Esther Kleij

Yoga and meditation have been my guiding light since I lost my mother at the age of 8 living in the spiritual ashram called  “Auroville” in India.
Now I teach a soft feminine Shakti Yoga style and I am running my own retreats since 2006


Paulina Gostomski

Yogini / Sweetheart

Descended straight from heaven Paulina came here to share the knowledge and experience that she gathered during long periods of silence, study and daily practice.

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