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Ayurveda Retreat

5 days Shamana Experiencial Retreat: Harmonising body and mind through āyurveda and yoga

-detox, rejuvenation, mental balance, healthy diet and lifestyle, life wisdom-

According to Ayurveda and Yoga, integral health is a state of balance between mind, body and spirit which is completely related to our interaction with the universe inside and outside of us. A key to improve this healthy interaction is to increase the Fires (Agni) in our physical, mental and emotional bodies in order to have the ability to properly digest what we absorb from the world. In the same way, from a yogic point of view, the main key for an integral health leading to liberation (moksha) lies in the development of discernment between what is false and what is true at the deepest level, between the darkness of ignorance and the light of awareness, the highest and most subtle kind of “fire”: the spiritual sun.


Shamana ("palliation"), literally means calming or pacifying (from the root "sham" meaning "to calm"). It is a method which works largely for reducing toxicity (ama), the undigested mass of food and mental impressions, thus becoming lighter, healthier and clearer. Shamana strengthens the digestive fire (agni) and therefore burns up the toxins; it cleanses the digestive tract and allows the toxins in the deeper tissues to drain into it so they can be eliminated. At the same time, shamana calms the unbalances of the Doshas (biological humors), rejuvenates, increases and harmonizes the vital energy (prana) into the whole system, therefore boosting our resistance and overall vitality and contentment (ojas). All this allows for a deep relief of a huge scope of ailments, as well as for a deep revitalization of body and mind.


Our goal with this retreat is to offer you rest in deep connection with nature, take good care of your well-being at all levels and help you to be more aware of the forces that interact inside and outside of you so you may understand better and, ultimately, transcend any sort of unhealthy life-patterns and conditionings, opening up to Joy through the light of meditative presence.

Tools that will be guiding us through this retreat


Ayurvedic food and beverages (on full board, all included) for detoxification specifically adapted to each ones needs. The food will be vegetarian and carefully prepared following ayurvedic guidelines, with fully natural ingredients, many of them from our own organic garden.


Abhyanga - 4 hands Ayurvedic Massage (one session included for each participant): Through proper maneuvers, the use of medicated oils and stimulation of vital points, this massage unlocks channels at deep and subtle levels. Made by two therapists working simultaneously on each side of the body, it stimulates and balances the two hemispheres. Likewise, it stretches, drains, strengthens the digestive fire, unlocks stagnant emotions, balances the central nervous system, gives firmness and muscle tone, eliminates toxins and leads to a state of deep relaxation.


Introductory talks and tips to understand a bit better what Ayurvedic therapy is all about and to provide you with practical tools you can bring back home to improve your lifestyle through its applied wisdom.


Daily yogic meditation practices which will assist us in balancing, purifying and pacifying the system through tools such as mantra japa, sound meditation, asana, pranayama, dharana, yoga nidra and ritual.


Daily classes where we will work on different techniques that will help us deepen into self-awareness and strengthen our capacity to sustain positively oriented choices in our daily life.



And, of course, the natural and meditative environment of Akasha Retreat Center, which will serve us as an ideal sanctuary for carrying out the processes of cleansing and pacification.

Teachers / Therapists: Ana Gabriela & Sakshin

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Practical Information

  • Date: Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22th of August 2020

    • Arrival on the 18th at noon (lunch included at 13h). 

    • Check-out on the 22nd, 12h. (after breakfast).

  • Free pick-up from the station in Tongeren can be provided. 

  • Prices (all included):

    • Camping (with your own tent) - € 390 p.p.

    • Dormitory​ - € 490 p.p. 

    • White Room - ​€ 540 p.p.

    • Private cocoon room - € 650 p.p 

    • You can find more information on the accommodation here

  • For subscription you can use the reservation form. 

  • More info will be communicated through email


I'd say that Sakshin and Ana-Gabriela are two angels that offer the teachings which so much love and passion. Even though you are not physically together for this home retreat, you can feel the guide and support all the way through. The 'home retreat' format is very interesting since it allows you to transform your daily surroundings and to experience these from a new perspective, in a new daily rhythm and energy. It allowed me to integrate better and to keep this energy present in my house. Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to the next one :) <3

— Ilse

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