Ayurveda Home Retreat


3 days Online Retreat

Understanding the natural life cycles and how to live according to them. Self-care through a conscious lifestyle and relationship with the different sources of nutrition we are made of.

Can we turn this lockdown, this confinement, into a Home Retreat? Can we profit from it to become healthier, more present, peaceful, joyful and insightful human beings? This is exactly our aim by creating this Retreat: to humbly offer our contribution and hopefully bring some inspiration in this direction.

The aim


The core aim of this retreat is thus to offer an applied introduction to the big spectrum of Ayurveda, the Science of Life. We will learn how to understand what we experience through our senses with an specific language that will assist us in perceiving life with an expanded level of awareness. Therefore, some of the main specific unfoldments of this retreat are:


  • Understanding the natural life cycles and learning how to align ourselves with them. 

  • Learning and incorporating simple and yet very effective tools to our daily lives that will help us to observe and act consciously on different aspects of our body, mind and emotions. 

  • Promote a culture of self-care through the discovery and awareness of our unique individual qualities, needs and singularities that vary from moment to moment. 

  • Awakening our digestive fire in order to improve our metabolism and strengthen our immunity and overall health and clarity.

How does it work?

This is a Home Retreat, which means each one of us will be doing it from the safety and comfort of our homes. The only thing you’ll need to participate is time, disposition, a kitchen, a toilet, a bed, a place to sit and an internet connection. We will gather through Zoom sessions twice a day throughout the three days of retreat immersion. Besides that, you will receive recorded audios and PDF files that will support you with your practices and learning process throughout the day. We will have a WhatsApp group (that will last for the whole duration of the Retreat) as a more direct tool for us to share doubts that may come up with the daily practices when we are not connected in Zoom. Food is a very important part of this Retreat, you will receive a list of some things you should get and have at home in order to be able to cook the recipes that we’ll share and teach you how to prepare.  


The retreat includes an individual online consultation prior to the retreat

to evaluate your nature and circumstances and thus accurately adapt the retreat for you.

What will you be learning and practicing?

  • Different techniques that will help you deepen into self-awareness and strengthen your capacity to sustain positively oriented choices in your daily life.

  • To align your activities according to the time of the day and the year.

  • Self-body massage and its role in harmonizing our health as a whole.

  • General principles for cooking and eating according to Ayurveda, along with some simple recipes to help improve digestion and body cleansing.

  • Morning rituals to start a new day in deep observation of our current state with cleansing practices for the body, mild exercise and meditation.

  • Meditation practices which will assist you in balancing, purifying and pacifying the system through tools such as pranayama, mantra, dharana and yoga nidra.

  • Cosmology of the Universe according to Samkhya philosophy (the base of Ayurvedic thought) and how to translate the rhythms of nature into comprehensive and practical guidelines. Some core concepts we will be presenting in this sense are:

    • The Doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) 

    • The 20 attributes of nature and how to relate to them.

    • The law of causality and balance of opposites in Ayurveda.

    • Understanding the cycles of the day, the seasons and the phases of human life.


5h30 - Waking up & Morning cleansing practices

6h30 - Physical exercise

7h - Pranayama & Meditation

8h - Cooking and eating breakfast & Free period

10h - Zoom gathering

12h - Cooking and eating lunch & Free period

16h - Zoom gathering

17h30 - Cooking and eating dinner & Free Period

19h30 - Self-body massage



Free period

21h - Yoga Nidra 

21h30 - Take rest

For whom?

This Home Retreat is open for any person, regardless of his or her condition, previous knowledge and experience. The only prerequisite is feeling the call to learn and take care of yourself!

Teachers / Therapists: Ana Gabriela & Sakshin

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Practical Information

  • Date: Thursday 20th till Sunday 23rd of August 2020

  • Schedule: 

    • Starts on Thursday the 20th in the afternoon with an opening session.

    • Retreat starts on the 21st and runs till the 23rd. (schedule see up)

  • Price: ​€ 280

  • Platform: Zoom. You will receive all the necessary information once you completed the reservation. 

  • For subscription you can use the reservation form below. 

Reservation Form

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